Use and operation

Energy-conscious behaviour and optimized operation of facilities

Construction measures, however, are not the only means of saving energy. In fact, encouraging the building's users to adopt an energy-conscious behaviour and optimizing the operation of technical facilities play an equally important role in this context. In order to exploit the energy saving potential when using the buildings, the state's employees are actively involved in the project of establishing a carbon-neutral state government.


A special education concept has been developed for energy commissioners and in-house technicians in order to train them in the field "Energy efficiency in use and operation of buildings". Practice-oriented training modules provide knowledge on the issues energy consumption, energy use and energy efficiency.

Energy management

By the introduction of an energy management system "energy saving models" are supposed to be developed for the individual departments. The participating real estate managers are supported in identifying unused energy efficiency potentials as well as defining and implementing target-oriented measures in order to trigger off of a continuous improvement process.

Energy saving coaching

As part of a one-week coaching project the state employees are supposed to be targeted at their workplaces and informed about energy saving potentials. Energy commissioners are on site to answer any questions concerning energy and readily provide individual tips for saving energy in the office.

Energy saving competitions

The state employees are important multipliers when it comes to spreading the idea of a carbon-neutral state administration and increasing their colleagues' consciousness of this target.

Energy saving competitions carried out in the Hesse state offices raise the employees' awareness of energy-saving behaviour and thus reduce the consumption of electricity, heating energy and water in the respective buildings.