Public relations activities

Getting involved in climate protection

As part of the project public events are organized which are supposed to make the state employees as well as the citizens increasingly aware of the climate protection issue. Events and activities aim at encouraging people to get actively involved in climate protection.

Carbon-neutral State Administration:

The video clip


Songs for sustainability

The Hessian all-round singer Jennifer Braun commits herself to promoting sustainable behaviour in Hesse: She has composed and produced two pop songs exclusively for the Hesse sustainability project "Carbon-neutral state administration".

In 2013 she presented the second sustainability song "Weil". ("Because")
In 2011 the first sustainability song "Jetzt und für immer" ("Now and forever") had its premiere live on stage.

Climate neutrality - Hesse goes first

As part of the project "Carbon-neutral state administration" a paper with the title "Climate neutrality - Hesse goes first" was published in October 2012. It describes the range of the state's activities related to the climate neutrality issue and puts the achievements in a global context. On the one hand, the need for climate neutrality is represented from an international point of view and, on the other hand, the options for organizations, companies and private people that are prepared to adopt a climate neutral position are outlined.