Project structure

Carbon-neutral state administration

The project "Carbon-neutral state administration" is part of the Hesse sustainability strategy. It was decided by the Hesse state government on 3 June 2009 and lies in the responsibility of the Hesse Ministry of Finance. The supreme body is the Sustainability Conference. The project is supported by the Sustainability Strategy Office in the Hesse Ministry of Environment, Climate Protection, Agriculture and Consumer Protection.

Responsible for the operational implementation of the measures is the project office in the staff unit "Carbon-neutral state government".


All departments are energy efficiency partners and as such take part in the project measures. This applies to 1,400 offices and about 140,000 employees of the state of Hesse.


In order to create an open platform to support the constructive exchange of information on concepts, strategies and the use of modern technologies to achieve carbon neutrality, the project is linked to an increasing number of partners from economy and society via a network partnership . In future, this network is supposed to deal with the core issues of the project even on an international level.