Learning network

A platform for constructive exchange

The "learning network" is an open platform created to encourage the constructive exchange about concepts, strategies and the use of innovative technologies on the way to CO2 neutrality. The networking activities serve both purposes: the exchange of knowledge and the joint realization of projects.
With the help of the "learning network" competences regarding sustainability and climate protection are supposed to be pooled. In this way, the members of the network support the state of Hesse in its project "Carbon-neutral state administration" and promote the state's efforts to establish a climate-neutrally working administration by 2030. During this process the knowledge from many different fields is united in order to gain a common added value.

Network charter

The members of the learning network "Carbon-neutral state administration" have signed a charter in which they commit themselves to actively getting involved in climate protection. As partners of the Hesse state administration they will support the constructive exchange.

Meetings of the learning network

At regular meetings the partners exchange information on current developments.