Platform for administration, society, economy and politics

Climate protection is not only a matter of technical possibilities, but also and above all of the people's readiness to act in an energy-saving way. Therefore, the Hesse citizens are supposed to be reached and regularly informed about the progress and success of the project in the same way as the state employees and the economic, social and scientific experts. This implies numerous PR-measures to be taken in the context of the project.

The dialogue with partners as well as international contacts enrich the work of the carbon-neutral state administration.

In 2010 a learning network was founded. The idea of this network is to create an open platform in order to encourage the constructive exchange between administrative bodies and public as well as private institutions. Since 2013 international contacts have been made to trigger off new initiatives. The network's international extension is supposed to initiate energy and climate protection projects providing the basis for the creation of  CO2 certificates which the state administration can buy for compensation purposes.