Platform for administration, society, economy and politics

Climate protection is not only a matter of technical possibilities, but also and above all of the people's readiness to act in an energy-saving way. Therefore, the Hesse citizens are supposed to be reached and regularly informed about the progress and success of the project in the same way as the state employees and the economic, social and scientific experts. This implies numerous PR-measures to be taken in the context of the project.

The dialogue with partners as well as international contacts enrich the work of the carbon-neutral state administration.
In 2010 a learning network was founded. The idea of this network is to create an open platform in order to encourage the constructive exchange between administrative bodies and public as well as private institutions. Since 2013 international contacts have been made to trigger off new initiatives. The network's international extension is supposed to initiate energy and climate protection projects providing the basis for the creation of  CO2 certificates which the state administration can buy for compensation purposes.


Public relations activities

Getting involved in climate protection

As part of the project public events are organized which are supposed to make the state employees as well as the citizens increasingly aware of the climate protection issue. Events and activities aim at encouraging people to get actively involved in climate protection.


Songs for sustainability

The Hessian all-round singer Jennifer Braun commits herself to promoting sustainable behaviour in Hesse: She has composed and produced two pop songs exclusively for the Hesse sustainability project "Carbon-neutral state administration".
In 2013 she presented the second sustainability song "Weil". ("Because")

In 2011 the first sustainability song "Jetzt und für immer" ("Now and forever") had its premiere live on stage.


Climate neutrality - Hesse goes first

As part of the project "Carbon-neutral state administration" a paper with the title "Climate neutrality - Hesse goes first" was published in October 2012. It describes the range of the state's activities related to the climate neutrality issue and puts the achievements in a global context. On the one hand, the need for climate neutrality is represented from an international point of view and, on the other hand, the options for organizations, companies and private people that are prepared to adopt a climate neutral position are outlined.


Learning network

A platform for constructive exchange

The "learning network" is an open platform created to encourage the constructive exchange about concepts, strategies and the use of innovative technologies on the way to CO2 neutrality. The networking activities serve both purposes: the exchange of knowledge and the joint realization of projects.
With the help of the "learning network" competences regarding sustainability and climate protection are supposed to be pooled. In this way, the members of the network support the state of Hesse in its project "Carbon-neutral state administration" and promote the state's efforts to establish a climate-neutrally working administration by 2030. During this process the knowledge from many different fields is united in order to gain a common added value.


Network charter

The members of the learning network "Carbon-neutral state administration" have signed a charter in which they commit themselves to actively getting involved in climate protection. As partners of the Hesse state administration they will support the constructive exchange.


Meetings of the learning network

At regular meetings the partners exchange information on current developments.


Learning network events

The employees of the state administration are invited to events at which the network partners provide an insight into the involvement of various companies and institutions in activities regarding energy saving and CO2 neutrality and make suggestions for own activities.

There are four films which document learning network events held at the learning network members Fraport AG, SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG, SMA Solar Technology AG and Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co. KG.


International exchange

Cooperation going beyond state borders

In order to exchange competences and expertise in the field of energy efficiency beyond state borders, pilot projects dealing with sustainable construction will be developed in cooperation with international partners.



The Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany explicitly supports a partnership which has been sealed between the Hesse project "Carbon-neutral state administration" and the "Regional forum for energy efficiency and energy safety" in Dnipropetrowsk.


Kingdom of Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco offers good conditions for a constructive cooperation with the state of Hesse in innovative climate protection projects. As an excellent site for wind and solar energy plants the country is perfectly suited for the joint development of projects in the field of renewable energies and compensation measures. Thanks to the contact that has been established with the Moroccan authority for renewable energies and energy efficiency ADEREE a fruitful bilateral exchange is taking place today.